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Please read the FAQ page for answers to the most common problems.

If the FAQ did not help you, please consult the following sections.

Questions about specific domains and reports

If you have specific questions about a report, please contact the domain-responsible or one of the following contacts.

Domain Description Email Phone
AML Anti-Money Laundering [email protected] n.a.
ART - CSP Cash SSP [email protected] n.a.
BBP Activities with foreign parties [email protected] +32 2 221 40 99
BB2 2011/2013 Guarantee agreement [email protected] n.a.
BB3 2021 Guarantee agreement [email protected] n.a.
BFP Guarantee Fund [email protected] n.a.
CDZ Mutuality [email protected] n.a.
CLO Collect Other Surveys [email protected] +32 2 221 40 99
CPA Datacollection for the Prudential Supervision of Insurance Companies [email protected] n.a.
CPT Prudential Supervision    
Prudential Supervision, category Banks [email protected] n.a.
Prudential Supervision, category Insurances [email protected] n.a.
CSD Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) [email protected] +32 2 221 48 66
DIV FDI-FATS-FOI Foreign Direct / Other investments [email protected] +32 2 221 40 99
ESA Structural survey insurance undertakings [email protected] n.a.
FAP Fit-and-Proper    
Fit-and-Proper, category Banks [email protected] +32 2 221 51 00
Fit-and-proper category Investment firms [email protected] +32 2 221 51 00
Fit-and-Proper, category Insurances [email protected] n.a.
Fit-and-Proper, category ELMI/PI [email protected] n.a.
  • FAP-OTHER-(except ELMI/PI)
Fit-and-Proper, category OTHERS (except ELMI/PI) [email protected] n.a.
FPF Pension funds [email protected] n.a.
FVC Financial Vehicle Corporations [email protected] n.a.
GOV Remuneration, category Mutualities [email protected] n.a.
INS Insurance – Solvency II [email protected] n.a.
IPB Incident Payment Service Provider Banks [email protected] n.a.
IPP Incident Payment Service Provider Payment Institutions [email protected] n.a.
ITQ IT Risk Questionnaire [email protected] +32 2 221 48 66
MBS Money and Banking Statistics [email protected] n.a.
  • MIR
Interest-rate survey Reporting MIR [email protected] n.a.
MUN Remuneration, category Banks [email protected] n.a.
NRA Resolution Authority Domain [email protected] n.a.
PRT Investment securities [email protected] n.a.
PST Payment Statistics [email protected] n.a.
REM Remuneration, category Insurances [email protected] n.a.
REV Revisor [email protected] n.a.
SXX INTRASTAT Foreign Trade (goods) [email protected] +32 2 221 40 99
VAT VAT Units [email protected] +32 2 221 40 99

Questions about Access and Authorisations

Here we are talking about specific problems about the access and the login to the application. 

Unavailability problems

This is for example problems with the availability of the application, compatibility-problems with the browser, availability of the website...

  • Phone: +32 2 221 40 60