Large Cases Unit

New unit to enhance statistical monitoring of multinationals.

Globalisation has increased the importance of multinational corporations in the Belgian economy. That’s why in 2021 the Bank’s Statistics Department established a Large Cases Unit (LCU) to proactively track these corporations, which have an impact on the statistics the Bank draws on to put together the national accounts.

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected financially, measuring relationships outside Belgium is becoming more complex. By statistically tracking multinational corporations, the unit aims to better align the national accounts and the balance of payments, as well as to improve the quality of the statistical output.

To better understand an MNE’s statistical data and correctly integrate these within the statistics, the LCU will aim to build a relationship of trust with these corporations – necessary if it is to gain access to relevant and reliable information. MNEs will have a single point of contact for all statistical matters in their LCU account manager, helping to ease their administrative burden. The LCU will observe professional confidentiality obligations and use these data for statistical purposes only.

LCU Europe

To help expand its LCU activities in 2022, the Bank is co-funded by Eurostat (European Commission).