This section describes the commodity codes to be used in the Intrastat declarations.

How to find a list of commodity codes?

Each year, the Regulation including the new lists under the tariff and statistical nomenclature and the Common Customs Tariff is published in the Official Journal.

How to find a code?

You will find below a guide to help you look for a code yourself, by using the above nomenclature.

For some specific requirements, you may continue to call upon our services. However, in order to filter such requests as efficiently as possible, we have made several different application forms. You can find the various options below.

This screen enables you to put in a request for a goods code to be used to fill up your Intrastat declaration or for an existing code to be checked. If you are looking for a commodity code for import or export goods (extra-Community trade), we would advise you to contact the competent customs office. The commodity codes attributed by the NBB for use in Intrastat declarations are not in any way binding for the customs services, who may decide that, for technical reasons, other goods codes are better suited for customs declarations.

Where can I find the new codes and those that have changed this year?

The nomenclature is adapted each year, leading to a small number of changes in the goods codes. Below are the lists for this year and last year. The bottom two are actually flat files that you can use in your own computer system.

Where to find lists and tables that can be put into my computer system?

You'll find herewith some lists which you might possibly use for transferring data into your own computer system.