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Intrastat export: change in the beginning of 2019

As previously announced, the declaration of dispatches changes name and is expanded with 2 new fields.

If you are or become required to declare for dispatches, please consult Intrastat: declaration of dispatches 2019.

Intrastat Manual

The Intrastat Manual Part I - Basis will help you to understand and complete your declarations in an efficient way.

The "Intrastat Manual Part II - Extension" goes into more detail on certain aspects of "Part I – Basis". This second part also deals with the link with the VAT declaration and special movements of goods.


Intrastat newsletters are sent to all declarants in the event of any significant change arising, whether in the nomenclature or the way in which imports and exports should be declared.


In order to help declarants to complete their Intrastat declarations as efficiently as possible, the National Bank provides information in various forms. Apart from the manuals, it offers training schemes focusing on both the content of the declarations and the use of the OneGate form.