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The newsletter is sent to all declarants in the event of any significant change arising, whether in the nomenclature or the way in which imports and exports should be declared.


In order to enable companies to fill in their Intrastat declarations, the National Bank regularly organises training courses. These are devoted both to the content of the declaration and to the OneGate application.

These training courses are free of charge and are currently given online.

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to to plan a session concerning your information needs.


1) As of the declaration for January 2021 (expected on 20/02/2021), the following adjustments apply:

  • Partner country: country code XI for Northern Ireland, the rest of the United Kingdom will no longer be included in the Intrastat declaration (no XU nor GB).
  • VAT-number counterparty (only for the dispatch declaration): Northern Irish companies are mentioned with their VAT number starting with XI.
  • Country of origin: country code XI is also used here for Northern Ireland; for the rest of the United Kingdom it is XU.


  • price corrections concerning declarations prior to 2021: you cannot insert the code 9960.0000 – credit note – with country code GB in a 2021 declaration. The correction should be made in the declaration for the month of the original transaction (e.g. December 2020);
  • return in 2021 of goods delivered in 2020 from or to GB: in 2021, a customs document is required for this return. So no registration in Intrastat, neither this year nor last year.

2) Until 31/12/2020 nothing changes for the declaration of your goods trade with the UK. Until this date, intra-Community legislation and the country code GB still apply to Intrastat.