VAT units

  • VAT – Breakdown of the data of certain VAT boxes by member of the VAT unit:

What information do I need to fill in an Intrastat declaration?

You can find this information in our Intrastat Manual - Part I – Basis.


How to send in an Intrastat declaration?

Intrastat returns can only be submitted via the internet application OneGate :


The following methods are possible in OneGate:

  • Manual data entry
  • Import a CSV-file in a report
  • Upload of declarations in XML-format

Instructions are set out step by step in the manual Intrastat via OneGate.

General documentation about OneGate (FAQ, access management,...)

For access problems: [email protected]

How to use XML in OneGate?

                                          XML file description (PDF)
XML-scheme arrivals standard (xsd)
XML-scheme arrivals extended (xsd)
                                    XML scheme dispatches standard (xsd)
                                    XML scheme dispatches extended (xsd)
A2A file upload doc
Web Services doc

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to access OneGate ?

What is the difference between importing a CSV file and uploading an XML file in OneGate?

  • A CSV file only contains transaction lines. In OneGate, you must first select a report and a period for the declarant before importing the file
  • Apart from transaction lines, a OneGate XML file also contains the identification of the declarant, the type of reporting and the period. You can upload the file without first selecting a declarant or a report.