General information about your business

1. Information form

As a (new) declarant, you are requested to fill up an online general information form about your business.

2. Contact persons

In order to improve collaboration between declarants and NBB services, please fill up the "contact information" section via OneGate.


  • connect to the application

  • go to the "Profile" section in the menu bar at the top of the page.  

  • click on the "contact information" section.  

  • create a new contact person by clicking on the page icon

  • fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.  

  • click on "Save" to save the information.  

  • several contact persons can be created by repeating this procedure.  

The data of the case manager from our institution will be added to it and will allow you to contact him if needed.

What information do I need to fill in an Intrastat declaration?

You can find this information in our Intrastat Manual - Part I – Basis.


How to send in an Intrastat declaration?

Intrastat returns can only be submitted via the internet application OneGate.

Go to the OneGate home page

The following methods are possible in OneGate:

  • Manual data entry
  • Import a CSV-file in a report
  • Upload of declarations in XML-format

Instructions are set out step by step in the manual Intrastat via OneGate (PDF).

General documentation about OneGate (FAQ, access management,...)

For access problems:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does every Intrastat declarant have to request an access code for OneGate?

What is the difference between importing a CSV file and uploading an XML file in OneGate?

  • A CSV file only contains transaction lines. In OneGate, you must first select a report and a period for the declarant before importing the file
  • Apart from transaction lines, a OneGate XML file also contains the identification of the declarant, the type of reporting and the period. You can upload the file without first selecting a declarant or a report.

IDEP/CN8 for Windows

IDEP version 2016 is no longer being distributed by the National Bank of Belgium but directly through the company that developed the software. Technically speaking, this does not change anything for the end user.

Should you no longer wish to use IDEP, you may send in your declarations via the OneGate application.