Publications and figures

NBB.Stat, the National Bank of Belgium’s database for macroeconomic statistics, features balance of payments data, foreign direct investment (FDI) and international investment position (IIP) statistics.

These data are also available in the monthly and quarterly Statistical Bulletins.


- Statistical bulletin (Chapter 9)   Publications
- Statistical bulletin - monthly update   Publication


Date Period Source
2017-09-29 2017M4-6 NBB
2017-12-29 2017M7-9 NBB
2018-03-30 2017M10-12 NBB

Date Period Source
2017-10-06 2017Q2 NBB
2018-01-06 2017Q3 NBB
2018-04-06 2017Q4 NBB

Date Period Source
2017-09-29 2017Q2 NBB
2017-12-29 2017Q3 NBB
2018-03-30 2017Q4 NBB