Introduction and news

The National Bank of Belgium is responsible for balance of payments statistics and international investment position statistics. In this context, it also draws up statistics relating to international trade in services and statistics for foreign direct investment.

Balance of payments

Belgium's balance of payments is the statistic that systematically recapitulates economic and financial transactions between Belgian residents and non-residents over a fixed period of time.

The balance of payments is a single instrument for the analysis and conduct of economic and monetary policies by enabling each category of transaction to be quantified according to universally accepted methodological rules.

Direct investments

Direct investments are international investments through which a resident entity in one economy acquires or has acquired a lasting interest in an resident entity of an other economy than that of the investor.

International investment position

Belgium's external position is designed to trace back, to a given date, all claims or liabilities of residents towards non-residents. It is compiled with the help of regular inventory surveys, updated if needed by the summation of flows for the most recent dates.