Non-financial institutions


S03CCR – Changes: 


As recommended by Eurostat, the S03CCR declaration will be progressively simplified and replaced by the S01CCR declaration entitled “Trade receivables and payables with foreign countries”.

The transition from the S03CCR to the S01CCR declaration will take place in 2 steps:

  1. directly, for new declarants, i.e. companies declaring for the first time in January 2021, for data referring to December 2020;
  2. from 2022, for companies that already declared in 2020, in order to give them time to adapt their reporting.  

What are the changes?

  • Receivables and payables will have to be reported according to their maturity (over or less than/equal to 1 year), and no longer according to the type of underlying transaction.
  • The declaration will have to mention each country individually, rather than groups of countries, as was previously the case for certain geographical areas.
  • Amounts in foreign currencies will no longer need to be converted into EUR.

Some documents are in the process of being prepared in English and will be available as soon as they are published.

Activities abroad

Direct and other foreign investments

Information (quick guide, manual) about the collection of statistical information concerning direct investment and other investments from non-financial companies covers the following surveys:

  • GRPFDI - structure of the group
  • F13FDI - direct investment flows
  • S13FDI - direct investment position
  • R13FDI - results of direct investments and equity position of non-resident companies not directly held
  • S13FAT - FATS data (Foreign Affiliates Trade Statistics)
  • F13FOI - other investment flows
  • S13FOI - other investment position

Investments in securities

Trade receivables and payables with abroad

  • S01CCR – Trade receivables and payables with foreign countries: quick guide - manual & reporting xml NL / FR
  • S03CCR - debts and receivables vis-à-vis abroad pursuant to transactions of goods: quick guide - manual NL / FR - reporting xml