Study on the financial behavior of households - Household Finance and Consumption Survey (HFCS)

The Household Finance and Consumption Survey provides the National Bank of Belgium with unique microeconomic information about the financial situation of private households in the broad sense. This information supplements the aggregate macroeconomic data.

2017 survey


For the third time, the National Bank of Belgium is organising a survey on household finance patterns. More than 10,000 households have been selected at random. Some of them were invited to take part in the survey in 2017.

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The survey has also been carried out at euro area level under the Household Finance and Consumption Network.

For any additional information about this survey, please contact Ipsos directly:
Tel: 0800/15701

Results of the 2010 and 2014 surveys

The second wave of the survey, launched in 2014, enabled an in-depth analysis of Belgian households’ assets and debts. The results of the analyses have been given wide coverage in the press and can be consulted by clicking here.

The results of the first wave (2010) can be consulted by clicking here.

The European Central Bank also devotes an English-language webpage to it (click here to consult it), on which it compiles and compares the findings gathered during the first wave by the central banks belonging to the Eurosystem.

The National Bank of Belgium can be contacted by e-mail or by telephone for any inquiries about the survey, with the exception of questions relating to the ongoing survey:

Tel: 02 221 44 66