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Quantile-based Inflation Risk Models

Working Paper N° 349

Can inflation expectations in business or consumer surveys improve inflation forecasts?

Working Paper N° 348

Markup and price dynamics : linking micro to macro

Working Paper N° 357

A price index with variable mark-ups and changing variety

Working Paper N° 356

Trade and Domestic Production Networks

Working Paper N° 344

Energy transition: impact and economic stakes for firms

Or how the energy transition is affecting some Belgian firms’ competitive edge while at the same time offering opportunities for growth on new markets

Shedding new light on the mortgage debt of households in Belgium

The link between rising debt among households in Belgium, their income, age and property prices: what can geographic data tell us?

Are inflation and economic activity out of sync in the euro area?

Why does inflation remain low despite the economic recovery?

Can China avoid the middle-income trap?

Can China match the success of its Asian predecessors ‑ Japan, South Korea and Taiwan ‑ and develop into a technological leader in the next decades or will the pace decrease as from now?

Local government finances in Belgium

Local authorities: sound finances must not mask the reality of major financial challenges.