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The rise of the sharing economy

The sharing economy not only offers considerable economic opportunities, but also throws up major challenges in the areas of regulation, taxation and covering it suitably in official statistics

What will happen when interest rates go up?

The impact of rising interest rates on the euro area and Belgian economy against the background of monetary policy normalization and elevated debt positions

America’s new trade policy and its impact on the Belgian economy

US tariffs on China’s exports are also hitting Belgium

Recent international trends in corporate taxation: more competition or more convergence?

The recent international trends in corporation tax prompted the Belgian reform and make further European coordination desirable

Is euro area lowflation here to stay ? Insights from a time-varying parameter model with survey data

Working Paper N° 355

Endogenous forward guidance

Working Paper N° 354

Price Updating in Production Networks

Working Paper N° 352

Dominant currencies How firms choose currency invoicing and why it matters

Working Paper N° 353

International food commodity prices and missing (dis)inflation in the euro area

Working Paper N° 350

Pipeline Pressures and Sectoral Inflation Dynamics

Working Paper N° 351