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Belgian Prime News N° 85PDF

Lower interest charges and reduced risks: a balancing act for debt management

Separating the trend from the cycle: The debate on euro area potential output and implications for monetary policy

How do supply and demand shocks determine potential output?

How risky is the high public debt in a context of low interest rates ?

The decrease in interest rates has created favourable financing conditions for Belgian public debt, which remains high. The lengthening of debt maturity has reduced risks.

Inequality, the risk of secular stagnation and the increase in household debt

Working Paper N° 375

State dependent fiscal multipliers with preferences over safe assests

Working Paper N° 374

Research and development activities in Belgium : A snapshot of past investment for the country’s future

Working Paper N° 373

Belgian Prime News N° 84PDF

Cyclical systemic risks in Belgium and the countercyclical capital buffer

Note au Conseil des Ministres - Analyses des deux propositions de réformes : diminution de la TVA sur l’électricité et réductions de charges salariales dans des zones spécifiques

Groupe d’experts « Compétitivité et Emploi » (GECE) - novembre 2013

Financial Market Infrastructures and Payment Services Report 2019

Do SVARs with sign restrictions not identify unconventional monetary policy shocks ?

Working Paper N° 372