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Employment, hours and optimal monetary policy

Working Paper N° 262

Import competition, productivity and multi-product firms

Working Paper N° 268

Acquisitions, productivity, and profitability: Evidence from the Japanese cotton spinning industry

Working Paper N° 270

Total factor productivity: Lessons from the past and directions for the future

Working Paper N° 271

Outward Foreign Direct Investment and domestic performance: In search of a causal link

Working Paper N° 272

Economic importance of air transport and airport activities in Belgium – Report 2012

Working Paper N° 273

Fiscal policy and TFP in the OECD: Measuring direct and indirect effects

Working Paper N° 274

Effectiveness and transmission of the ECB's balance sheet policies

Working Paper N° 275

How do exporters react to changes in cost competitiveness?

Working Paper N° 276

Is government spending the key to successful consolidation?