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Recent developments in the financial situation and the social data of non-financial corporations

This article gives an overview of the main results of non-financial corporations, compiled from annual accounts and social balance sheets filed with the Central Balance Sheet Office for the financial year 2017

Full employment, mismatches and labour reserve

Manpower shortages and unemployment, the paradox of the labour market.

Does financial market volatility influence the real economy?

Financial market volatility rarely means good news: if it is too high, it’s a sign of a crisis; if it is too low, it could trigger excessive risk-taking and systemic risks could build up.

House prices and economic growth in Belgium

Has the rise in property prices boosted consumption and encouraged residential investment in Belgium? What risks does it pose for financial stability?

Low productivity growth

The fruits of branches at the low end of economic development have already been reaped. States’ ability to put forward-thinking reforms in place could make all the difference

Slowdown in productivity

Belgian firms are still among the most productive in Europe, but productivity gains are very unequally distributed among them

The track record of the National Bank of Belgium’s macroeconomic projections

An assessment of macroeconomic projection exercises for the Belgian economy puts the NBB’s performance close to that of other institutions, although slightly better for forecasts with a shorter horizon.

Recent international trends in corporate taxation: more competition or more convergence?

The recent international trends in corporation tax prompted the Belgian reform and make further European coordination desirable

Is job polarisation accompanied by wage polarisation?

Does job polarisation imply wage polarisation? And where does Belgium stand?

The rise of the sharing economy

The sharing economy not only offers considerable economic opportunities, but also throws up major challenges in the areas of regulation, taxation and covering it suitably in official statistics