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The spread of Keynesian economics: a comparison of the Belgian and Italian experiences

Working Paper N° 113

The young Lamfalussy: An empirical and policy-oriented growth theorist

Working Paper N° 163

Trade crisis? What trade crisis?

Working Paper N° 195

The employment consequences of SMEs’ credit constraints in the wake of the great recession

Working Paper N° 333

Economic projections for Belgium – Autumn 2016

Strong employment creation in a context of subdued growth

Should public investment be boosted?

Public investment has a highly positive impact on economic activity but is presently at a low level. How can it be boosted?

Economic projections for Belgium – Spring 2016

Slight acceleration in activity and dynamic net job creations in Belgium in the next three years

Using BREL to nowcast the Belgian business cycle: the role of survey data

Central bank rates, market rates and retail bank rates in the euro area in the context of the recent crisis

European governance framework for public finances: presentation and evaluation

This article gives an overview of the establishment and functioning of the European governance framework for public finances. In addition, an appraisal is made of this regulatory framework and suggestions for future reforms are put forward.