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Export destinations and learning-by-exporting: Evidence from Belgium

Working Paper N° 140

Micro-based evidence of EU competitiveness: The CompNet database

Working Paper N° 253

Human capital, firm capabilities and productivity growth

Working Paper N° 257

European competitiveness: A semi-parametric stochastic metafrontier analysis at the firm level

Working Paper N° 261

Import competition, productivity and multi-product firms

Working Paper N° 268

Assessing European competitiveness: The new CompNet micro-based database

Working Paper N° 279

Unraveling firms: Demand, productivity and markups heterogeneity

Working Paper N° 293

Why do manufacturing firms produce services? Evidence for the servitization paradox in Belgium

Working Paper N° 330

Nonparametric identification of unobserved technological heterogeneity in production

Working Paper N° 335

Compositional changes in aggregate productivity in an era of globalisation and financial crisis

Working Paper N° 336