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How risky is the high public debt in a context of low interest rates ?

The decrease in interest rates has created favourable financing conditions for Belgian public debt, which remains high. The lengthening of debt maturity has reduced risks.

The patterns and determinants of price setting in the Belgian industry

Working Paper N° 82

The employment consequences of SMEs’ credit constraints in the wake of the great recession

Working Paper N° 333

Public sector efficiency in Belgium

Improving public policy efficiency in Belgium: A priority challenge!

Findings from the European survey on wage-setting

Has the 2010-2013 crisis influenced European firms’ wage-setting practices or their employment policy?

Results of the third wave of the survey on wage-setting in Belgium

A unique insight into how firms perceive the labour market and how they reacted in the face of recession.

Methodology or pricing: how can the greater volatility of consumer gas and electricity prices in Belgium be explained?

The distributive trade sector and its impact on euro area prices

Sectoral interdependences and cost structure in the Belgian economy : an application for input-output tables

A new national index of consumer prices and 10 years of the HICP