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Slowdown in productivity

Belgian firms are still among the most productive in Europe, but productivity gains are very unequally distributed among them

Up or out? Portrait of young high-growth firms in Belgium

Sustainable, green finance: exploring new markets

In order to limit global warming, substantial investments will be needed. To achieve that, the supply of sustainable, green finance must expand, and that entails addressing a number of challenges: market transparency, attractiveness of the returns, consideration for externalities.

How to stimulate entrepreneurship in Belgium?

Business creation remains weak in Belgium mainly because of a lack of entrepreneurial culture

Has the reorganisation of global production radically changed demand for labour?

Technological progress and the rise of Asian countries have profoundly altered the organization of global production, contributing to a polarization of the demand for labor in Belgium and in Europe.

Working time and forms of employment in Belgium

Euro area labour markets and the crisis

The Belgian labour market during and after the crisis