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Shedding new light on the mortgage debt of households in Belgium

The link between rising debt among households in Belgium, their income, age and property prices: what can geographic data tell us?

Sustainable, green finance: exploring new markets

In order to limit global warming, substantial investments will be needed. To achieve that, the supply of sustainable, green finance must expand, and that entails addressing a number of challenges: market transparency, attractiveness of the returns, consideration for externalities.

Low interest rates and their impact on Belgium’s households

The fall in interest rates has had an impact on Belgian households’ income, wealth and financial behaviour

Internal resources, bank credit and other funding sources: what are the alternatives for businesses in Belgium?

What funding sources are available to firms according to the nature of their needs and their own characteristics?

Sensitivity to the crisis of SME financing in Belgium

The importance of the risk factor in bank lending.

The Belgian mortgage market in a European perspective

The impact of low interest rates on household financial behaviour

The financial situation of non-financial corporations

Belgian corporate finance in a European perspective

The determinants of savings in the third pension pillar