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Economic flows between Regions in Belgium

Crossing a regional border in Belgium: a brake on mobility of workers, capital, goods and services?

America’s new trade policy and its impact on the Belgian economy

US tariffs on China’s exports are also hitting Belgium

Price Updating in Production Networks

Working Paper N° 352

Are bank loans being granted to the best-performing firms?

The world is a village… The integration of Belgian firms into the world economy

We already knew that only a minority of firms export their products to other countries. And what if all the others that do not export were actually to export part of their production?

Three regions, three economies?

Are production structures in the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels Regions interconnected or, rather, do they tend to operate independently from one another?

Belgium’s inward and outward foreign direct investment

What impact is foreign investment by multinationals having in Belgium?

Structural dynamics of Belgium’s foreign trade

Main CompNet research results

The findings of the ESCB Competitiveness Research Network (CompNet): a goldmine of informations to understand the competitiveness.

Has the reorganisation of global production radically changed demand for labour?

Technological progress and the rise of Asian countries have profoundly altered the organization of global production, contributing to a polarization of the demand for labor in Belgium and in Europe.