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Asymetric growth and inflation developments in the acceding countries: A new assessment

Working Paper N° 63

The IMF and precautionary lending : An empirical evaluation of the selectivity and effectiveness of the flexible credit line

Working Paper N° 323

Why is investment in the euro area continuing to show only weak recovery?

With the euro area mired in an adverse mix of sluggish growth and flagging investment, this article seeks to identify the obstacles weighing on current investment dynamics and highlights the initiatives taken at European level to release their full potential

Lessons from the crisis : Monetary policy and financial stability

The US current account deficit : how did it come about and what are the policy implications

Ten years of monetary union in retrospect

Deflation, a demon from the distant past or a real danger now ?

Deflation in Japan, Abenomics and lessons for the euro area

Monetary policy in the United States and the euro area during the crisis

What can we and can't we infer from the recourse to the deposit facility?