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Some evidence on late bidding in eBay auctions

Working Paper N° 126

How do firms adjust their wage bill in Belgium ? A decomposition along the intensive and extensive margins

Working Paper N° 127

Economic importance of Belgian transport logistics

Working Paper N° 125

Exports and productivity - comparable evidence for 14 countries

Working Paper N° 128

Estimation of monetary policy preferences in a forward-looking model: A Bayesian approach

Working Paper N° 129

Job creation, job destruction and firms’ international trade involvement

Working Paper N° 130

Do survey indicators let us see the business cycle? A frequency decomposition

Working Paper N° 131

Searching for additional sources of inflation persistence: the micro-price panel data approach

Working Paper N° 132

Short-term forecasting of GDP using large monthly datasets - A pseudo real-time forecast evaluation exercise

Working Paper N° 133

Importance économique des ports belges: ports maritimes flamands, complexe portuaire liégeois et port de Bruxelles - Rapport 2006

Working Paper N° 134