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Estimation of monetary policy preferences in a forward-looking model: A Bayesian approach

Working Paper N° 129

The influence of the Taylor rule on US monetary policy

Working Paper N° 241

Robustifying optimal monetary policy using simple rules as cross-checks

Working Paper N° 245

Monetary and macroprudential policies in an estimated model with financial intermediation

Working Paper N° 258

Monetary and macroprudential policygames in a monetary union

Working Paper N° 304

Interactions between monetary and macroprudential policy

The financial crisis has led to the adoption of macroprudential policies – also in Belgium - which do interact with monetary policy. This article deals with the interactions and possible conflicts between these two policy domains. We illustrate this by an assessment of the current situation. Although beneficial for macroeconomic and hence financial stability, the impact on financial risk taking of the unprecedented monetary easing requires close monitoring.

Endogenous Financial Risk: the Seventh International Conference of the NBB