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Insights from the 2017-2018 US fiscal stimulus

How do fiscal policy and inflation interact?

Results and financial situation of firms in 2013

Results and financial situation of firms in 2014

This article presents the results and the financial situation of firms filing financial statements at the Belgian Central balance sheet office. Amongst others, it provides an extrapolation of the operating result as well as an analysis of profitability and financial structure.

Results and financial situation of firms in 2015

Financial situation of Belgian firms in 2015: a strong rebound in operating results

Recent trends in the financial situation of firms and equity links

Recent developments in the financial situation and the social data of non-financial corporations

This article gives an overview of the main results of non-financial corporations, compiled from annual accounts and social balance sheets filed with the Central Balance Sheet Office for the financial year 2017

Low wage growth in the euro area: main conclusions from the ESCB Wage Expert Group with a focus on Belgium

Wage growth in both the euro area and Belgium is generally associated with the economic cycle, but this link has become more tenuous in recent years. In Belgium, wage formation is highly institutionalised. The wage moderation measures applied over the last few years have inevitably contributed to the moderate wage growth.

Full employment, mismatches and labour reserve

Manpower shortages and unemployment, the paradox of the labour market.

Does financial market volatility influence the real economy?

Financial market volatility rarely means good news: if it is too high, it’s a sign of a crisis; if it is too low, it could trigger excessive risk-taking and systemic risks could build up.

House prices and economic growth in Belgium

Has the rise in property prices boosted consumption and encouraged residential investment in Belgium? What risks does it pose for financial stability?