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Endogenous forward guidance

Working Paper N° 354

Empirical evidence on the aggregate effects of anticipated and unanticipated US tax policy shocks

Working Paper N° 181

Fiscal policy and TFP in the OECD: Measuring direct and indirect effects

Working Paper N° 274

Comparing fiscal multipliers across models and countries in Europe

Working Paper N° 278

On the estimation of panel fiscal reaction functions: Heterogeneity or fiscal fatigue?

Working Paper N° 320

Helicopter money and debt-financed fiscal stimulus: one and the same thing?

Banknotes falling from the sky? Not really a panacea …

Should public investment be boosted?

Public investment has a highly positive impact on economic activity but is presently at a low level. How can it be boosted?

Monetary and fiscal policy in the euro area: independent but connected

A unified monetary policy but national fiscal policies in the euro area: what have we learnt over the last few years?

European governance framework for public finances: presentation and evaluation

This article gives an overview of the establishment and functioning of the European governance framework for public finances. In addition, an appraisal is made of this regulatory framework and suggestions for future reforms are put forward.

The economic recovery plans