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Inequality, the risk of secular stagnation and the increase in household debt

Working Paper N° 375

Crédits aux particuliers - Analyse des données de la Centrale des Crédits aux Particuliers

Working Paper N° 78

Le lien entre les retards de paiement en matière de téléphonie mobile et ceux en matière de crédits

Working Paper N° 212

Pockets of risk in the Belgian mortgage market: Evidence from the Household Finance and Consumption Survey (HFCS)

Working Paper N° 332

The distribution of debt across euro area countries: The role of individual characteristics, institutions and credit conditions.

Working Paper N° 252

Published in ECB Working Paper n°1639 and CEPR Discussion Paper n° 10934.

The implications of household size and children for life-cycle saving

Working Paper N° 286

Unemployment risk and over-indebtedness: A micro-econometric perspective

Working Paper N° 294

The distribution of household wealth in Belgium: initial findings of the second wave of the Household Finance and Consumption Survey (HFCS)

What is the structure and distribution of Belgium’s household wealth and what has changed in the past years? This article addresses these questions using the latest findings of a regular survey conducted by the Bank.

Credits to individuals - Analysis of the data recorded by the Central Individual Credit Register

Asset formation by households during the financial crisis