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Towards a new policy mix in the euro area?

The sustainability of public finances in the context of population ageing

Population ageing: how can the government respond to this huge challenge for public finances?

Should public investment be boosted?

Public investment has a highly positive impact on economic activity but is presently at a low level. How can it be boosted?

Why is investment in the euro area continuing to show only weak recovery?

With the euro area mired in an adverse mix of sluggish growth and flagging investment, this article seeks to identify the obstacles weighing on current investment dynamics and highlights the initiatives taken at European level to release their full potential

European governance framework for public finances: presentation and evaluation

This article gives an overview of the establishment and functioning of the European governance framework for public finances. In addition, an appraisal is made of this regulatory framework and suggestions for future reforms are put forward.

Characteristics and development of Belgium’s foreign trade

Recent commodity price developments : causes and effects

Rebalancing global demand

Analysis of policies for restoring sound Belgian public finances

End of the crisis in the housing markets ? An international survey