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The track record of the National Bank of Belgium’s macroeconomic projections

An assessment of macroeconomic projection exercises for the Belgian economy puts the NBB’s performance close to that of other institutions, although slightly better for forecasts with a shorter horizon.

Why has Belgian private consumption growth been so moderate in recent years?

Belgian household consumption increased only moderately in recent years, mainly due to a smaller decline in purchases of durable consumer goods during the crisis years and to the fact that wage moderation weighed on labour incomes afterwards

The rise of the sharing economy

The sharing economy not only offers considerable economic opportunities, but also throws up major challenges in the areas of regulation, taxation and covering it suitably in official statistics

Can inflation expectations in business or consumer surveys improve inflation forecasts?

Working Paper N° 348

Fiscal sustainability indicators and policy design in the face of ageing

Working Paper N° 102

Fiscal sustainability and policy implications for the euro area

Working Paper N° 155

Nowcasting real economic activity in the euro area : Assessing the impact of qualitative surveys

Working Paper N° 331

The potential growth of the Belgian economy

The potential growth of the Belgian economy: a joint improvement in employment, investment and productivity is required

Using BREL to nowcast the Belgian business cycle: the role of survey data

The economic recovery plans