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Is euro area lowflation here to stay ? Insights from a time-varying parameter model with survey data

Working Paper N° 355

International food commodity prices and missing (dis)inflation in the euro area

Working Paper N° 350

Effectiveness and transmission of the ECB's balance sheet policies

Working Paper N° 275

Why is investment in the euro area continuing to show only weak recovery?

With the euro area mired in an adverse mix of sluggish growth and flagging investment, this article seeks to identify the obstacles weighing on current investment dynamics and highlights the initiatives taken at European level to release their full potential

Monetary and fiscal policy in the euro area: independent but connected

A unified monetary policy but national fiscal policies in the euro area: what have we learnt over the last few years?

The ABC of quantitative easing - Or the basics of asset purchases by central banks

«Why have central banks implemented  asset purchase programmes? How do these programmes exactly work and how do they affect the economy?» Using a Q&A format, this article explains this «new  weapon» of monetary policy

Causes and implications of the low level of the risk-free interest rate

Main CompNet research results

The findings of the ESCB Competitiveness Research Network (CompNet): a goldmine of informations to understand the competitiveness.

Central bank rates, market rates and retail bank rates in the euro area in the context of the recent crisis

Financial integration and fragmentation in the euro area