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Investment-Specific Technology Shocks and Labor Market Frictions

Working Paper N° 108

Inflation dynamics with labour market matching: Assessing alternative specifications

Working Paper N° 164

The Taylor principle and (in-)determinacy in a New Keynesian model with hiring frictions and skill loss

Working Paper N° 208

The unemployment impact of product and labour market regulation: Evidence from European countries

Working Paper N° 343

Socioeconomic transitions on the labour market: a European benchmarking exercise

How is the probability of losing or finding a job in Belgium changing, when compared with its main European partners? What are the determining factors at play?

Has the reorganisation of global production radically changed demand for labour?

Technological progress and the rise of Asian countries have profoundly altered the organization of global production, contributing to a polarization of the demand for labor in Belgium and in Europe.

The incomes and financing balance of individuals and companies

Inflation and indexation in Belgium : causes and possible effects of the current acceleration in inflation

The inflation gap between Belgium and the three main neighbouring countries and likely repercussions on competitiveness

The relationship between economic growth and employment