Nov 2018 - Joint ECB, Solvay, TSE and NBB colloquium: “Managing financial crises: where do we stand?”

On 5 and 6 November 2018 the European Central Bank, the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, the Toulouse School of Economics and the National Bank of Belgium organised a joint conference on “Managing financial crises: where do we stand?” in Brussels.

This event was designed to provide a platform for leading policymakers and academics to exchange views on the experience gained and lessons learnt from managing the financial crisis that erupted a decade ago.

Below you will find the available presentations and speakers bios.

5 November 2018

    Speaker Bio Presentation Video
Welcome adress Jan Smets  
Introductory remarks Herman Van Rompuy  
Keynote speech Luis de Guindos    
Panel 1 Chair Guntram Wolff    
  Speaker Emmanuel Farhi
  Speaker Mahmood Pradhan  
  Speaker Beatrice Weder di Marco  
  Discussant Laurence Boone
  Discussant Paul De Grauwe  
Panel 2 Chair Margarita Delgado    
  Speaker Jeromin Zettelmeyer
  Speaker André Sapir
  Speaker Guido Tabellini
  Discussants Vitor Constancio
  Discussants Peter Grasmann  

6 November 2018

    Speaker Bio Presentation Video
Panel 3 Chair Peter Praet    
  Speaker Martin Helwig  
  Speaker Hyung Song Shin  
  Speaker Jean Tirole
  Discussant Elena Carletti
  Discussant Charles Goodhart
Panel 4 Chair Pierre Wunsch    
  Speaker Mathias Dewatripont
  Speaker Elke König  
  Speaker Jean-Charles Rochet
  Discussants Thorsten Beck
  Discussants Alberto Franco Pozzolo
Panel 5 Chair Benoît Coeuré    
  Speaker Patrick Bolton
  Speaker Barry Eichengreen    
  Speaker Paul Tucker  
  Discussants Pier Carlo Padoan  
  Discussants Isabelle Mateos y Lago