International Conference 2014 on "Total factor productivity: measurement, determinants and effects"

16-17 October 2014 - Auditorium of the National Bank of Belgium in Brussels

Total Factor Productivity (TFP) is at the heart of many economic outcomes. The recent economic crisis, for example, raised questions about the causes and extent of the productivity slowdown and its influence on growth, the business cycle, competitiveness, labour market developments, as well as economic policies. Companies' economic strategies and their performance on local and international markets, employment, wage formation, as well as firm creation and exit are also determined by TFP.

The conference broughttogether six contributions from Belgian academic teams and three papers by internationally-renowned academics dealing with these issues. A panel discussion focussedon the lessons to be drawn from those activities and the effects on economic policy.

Introduction by Governor Luc Coene

The effects of state aid on total tactor productivity growth
Jozef Konings, Ilona Sergant, Patrick Van Cayseele
Working Paper 264 – presentation
Discussion by M. Mariniello

Assessing the role of ageing, feminising and better-educated workforces on TFP growth
Andrea Ariu, Vincent Vandenberghe
Working Paper 265 – presentation
Discussion by M. Weiss

A constrained nonparametric regression analysis of factor-biased technical change and TFP growth at the firm-level
Michel Dumont, Bruno Merlevede, Glenn Rayp, Marijn Verschelde
Working Paper 266 – presentation
Discussion by D. Henderson

Market imperfections, skills and Total Factor Productivity: Firm-level evidence on Belgium and the Netherlands
Sabien Dobbelaere, Mark Vancauteren
Working Paper 267 – presentation
Discussion by P. Portugal

Import competition, productivity and multi-product firms
Emmanuel Dhyne, Amil Petrin, Valérie Smeets, Frederic Warzynski
Working Paper 268 – presentation
Discussion by J. Mairesse

International competition and firm performance: Evidence from Belgium
Jan De Loecker, Catherine Fuss, Johannes Van Biesebroeck
Working Paper 269 - presentation
Discussion by F. Schivardi

Acquisitions, productivity, and profitability: Evidence from the Japanese cotton spinning industry
Serguey Braguinsky, Atsushi Ohyama, Tetsuji Okazaki, Chad Syverson
Working Paper 270 – presentation

Total Factor Productivity: Lessons from the past and directions for the future
Bart van Ark
Working Paper 271 – presentation

Innovation and Productivity
Bronwyn H. Hall
Innovation and productivity
Innovation and productivity: an update

Conclusion speech by director Jan Smets

H. Bogaert
S. Deroose
N. Johnstone
L. Sleuwaegenpresentation