Information for participants


For the third time, the National Bank of Belgium is organising a survey on household finances and spending patterns.

More than 10,000 households have been selected at random. Some of them were invited to take part in the survey in 2017.

This survey is the Belgian arm of a European project, it is based on the use of a questionnaire which is partly the same as that used in most other euro area countries. The questions cover different themes relating to household finances, such as borrowing, savings or consumption patterns.


This survey of household finances and spending patterns is a matter of general interest and concerns the entire population. The aim is to collect information on the diversity of financial situations that households may face.

Financial behaviour does actually vary considerably with age, income, family status, etc. Yet the statistics that are currently available only give a very general picture of household finance patterns, based on national averages.

The results of this analysis are intended to give a full and balanced overview of the financial health of households, in order to gain a better understanding of the many different factors that affect the day-to-day life of every citizen. These data can also be used for making comparisons on a European scale.

Interview procedure

Ipsos, the market research bureau appointed by the NBB for the survey, sends one if its representatives round to your home to make an appointment at your convenience.

This person identifies himself with the documents, as set out in the leaflet that you have received. He/she reads out each question before recording your replies on a portable computer.

Your participation is rewarded.

Privacy protection

Participation in this survey is entirely free and voluntary. Refusal to take part has no impact whatsoever on the members of your household.

Your personal details are anonymised. They are only used to contact you in order to give you the questionnaire and then, if need be, to check the accuracy of the data gathered by the pollster. This information remains entirely anonymous. These anonymised data may nevertheless be passed on to the European Central Bank and to scientific researchers.

By receiving a code, you have a right of access to any data that concerns you and the right to correct this information, in accordance with the Law of 8 December 1992 on privacy protection.

Contact points

For any additional information about this survey, please do not hesitate to contact Ipsos:
tel: 0800/15701