WIROW FIN’Markets – Credit & Collateral

The National Bank of Belgium provides its account-holders with a free application, called WIROW FIN’Markets - Credit & Collateral, which allows users to keep track of their credit lines and collateral held with the NBB. Data are based on the NBB’s internal Euro Collateral Management System (ECMS). Internet-based access to this application is only possible via a VPN network and is protected with a token and a password.


Active management of their current accounts, credits and collateral held at the National Bank of Belgium is of utmost importance for financial institutions and government agencies. Through the application WIROW FIN'Markets - Credit & Collateral, the National Bank of Belgium offers each user the means to consult his current account transactions, his credits and his collateral in a straightforward way.

Accessing WIROW


The first step to gain access to the WIROW FIN'Markets - Credit & Collateral application is to conclude a contract with the NBB. This contract lays down the terms and conditions and charges for using the WIROW FIN'Markets - Credit & Collateral application. Use of the application is free of charge. For further information and details about how to conclude a contract, please contact the NBB’s Back Office by telephone on 02/221 20 64 or by e-mail (backoffice@nbb.be).

Access with a token

Once the users have concluded the contract with the NBB, they will receive the necessary documentation and tokens to be able to log into WIROW FIN'Markets - Credit & Collateral.

Access to this application is managed by the Payments & Securities Service’s Client Relations Management. It is now based on two-factor authentication, for which an RSA token is used. Three tokens will be given out per institution, once the user has signed the contract and confirmed the presence of a VPN network between the institution and the NBB.

The institution shall designate a trusted agent for each token (for instance, business men or women, but no VPN or network agents), who will be responsible for

  • Communication between the institution and the NBB
  • Tokens inside the institution


Cancellation of contracts

Users who no longer wish to make use of WIROW FIN'Markets - Credit & Collateral should contact the National Bank of Belgium’s Credit and Collateral Unit.

Contact details: backoffice@nbb.be or tel: +32 2 221 20 64.


Technical requirements

The minimum technical requirements for the operating system are Windows 10 and for the browser at least Internet Explorer version 11. Other browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox) are not supported.

Access must proceed via an installed VPN connection between the client’s institution and the National Bank of Belgium.

Upon successful completion of the above-mentioned steps, the user will have access to the WIROW FIN'Markets - Credit & Collateral application. The application can be accessed via the hyperlink below.