WIROW FIN'Markets - Current accounts (application active until 23 October 2020)

The National Bank of Belgium has developed a treasury management application allowing users to consult their current account positions and credit lines. The Internet-based access to this application is ruled by an electronic certificate. WIROW Fin'Markets also constitutes the data platform of the Financial Markets department.


To financial institutions and government agencies an active management of their current accounts, credits and collateral held at the National Bank of Belgium is becoming more and more important. Through the treasury application WIROW FIN’Markets the National Bank of Belgium offers each user the means to consult his current account transactions, his credits and his collateral in a straightforward way. These functions are encompassed in the application’s various models.

Accessing WIROW

Contract and Agreement letter

The first step to gain access to the WIROW FIN'Markets application is to conclude a contract with the NBB. This contract lays down the terms and conditions and charges for the use of the WIROW FIN'Markets application. In addition the user needs to fill out the agreement letter. In this agreement letter the user indicates which modules he wants to obtain access for. For more details and to conclude the contract, please contact the NBB on telephone number (+32) (0)2/221 43 68.

The text of the contract and the agreement letter is only available in French or Dutch.


Once the user has concluded the contract with the NBB, he can request the necessary certificates. Each certificate bears a unique number, the NUIN (National Bank Unique Identification Number).

The NBB will charge an administration fee for each certificate, as stipulated in the contract.

Certificates are valid for 5 years. After 5 years, the user needs to renew his certificate. He will be informed in time by the NBB.


The procedure for requesting an electronic certificate is explained in the document:

Procedure for requesting a WIROW FIN'Markets certificate

Application forms

To obtain a certificate, applicants must complete the following documents.

Applicants must complete the above documents, with all the necessary signatures, and return them to:

National Bank of Belgium
Payments and securities
TARGET2 Helpdesk
Boulevard de Berlaimont 14
1000 Brussels

Remittance of the certificate (NUIN)

The password and activation code will be sent by secure mail to the e‑mail address mentioned in the document: ”Application for an electronic certificate WIROW FIN'MARKETS”.

Enrolment procedure

The user follows this procedure to prepare his WIROW FIN'Markets certificate, which gives him access to the WIROW FIN'Markets application.

The enrolment procedure is described in the document entitled Preparing a WIROW FIN'Markets certificate - Instructions.

Access to the enrolment application

Cancellation NUIN

A user who no longer wishes to make use of his WIROW FIN'Markets certificate returns the document cancellation NUIN, duly signed, to:

National Bank of Belgium
Payments and securities
TARGET2 Helpdesk
Boulevard de Berlaimont 14
1000 Brussels

On the basis of this document the NBB wil cancel the NUIN so that the user no longer has access to the WIROW FIN'Markets application with this NUIN.

Technical requirements

The minimum technical requirements, as stipulated in the brochure, for the operating system are NT4 SP 6a (workstation or server edition) or Win2000 SP2 (Professional or server edition) and for the browser at least Internet Explorer version 6 SP1

Upon successful completion of the steps mentioned below, the user will have access to the WIROW FIN'Markets application. The application can be accessed via the following hyperlink

Access to WIROW FIN'Markets through Internet/Extranet

Renewal of certificate

The certificate WIROW FIN'Markets related to your NUIN has a limited duration for security reasons. Therefore the certificate needs to be renewed every five years. The NBB monitors the validity of the certificate and informs the user approximately 2 months before the certificate expires.

To regenerate the certificate the user needs to follow the procedure for the renewal of the certificate WIROW FIN'Markets.

If the Activation Code, provided by the NBB, and/or the password is lost, the user needs to request a new activation code and/or password via the form Application for a new activation code/password.

For any further information please contact the TARGET2 Helpdesk. (target2.helpdesk@nbb.be or 02 221 20 45)