The AMI-SeCo Belgian National Stakeholder Group (BENSG) is a forum for involving national stakeholders in the work of the Advisory Group on Market Infrastructures for Securities and Collateral (AMI-SeCo) which provides advice to the Eurosystem on matters related to securities clearing and settlement and collateral management, as well as T2S.


The AMI-SeCo mandated the Belgian National Stakeholder Group (BENSG) to bring together the National Bank of Belgium (NBB), users (financial market participants/T2S users) and other stakeholders in order to support financial market integration in the field of securities clearing and settlement and collateral management. Another key objective is to provide advice on financial market infrastructures managed by the Eurosystem. The AMI-SeCo BENSG will also act as a local advisory body for all issues related to the development, implementation and operation of T2S.

The AMI-SeCo BENSG establishes the formal link between the AMI-SeCo and the Belgian market, by sharing the views of the Belgian securities and collateral market and acting as a provider of input to the AMI-SeCo in relation to all matters considered by the AMI-SeCo. It should not only provide the Belgian views on matters requested by the AMI-SeCo, but may also suggest issues itself.


The AMI-SeCo BENSG will have regular meetings aligned with the schedule of the AMI-SeCo meetings (i.e. 2-3 times a year). The outcome of the AMI-SeCo BENSG meetings will be published here.