The AMI-Pay BENSG, short for Advisory Group on Market Infrastructures for Payments Belgian National Stakeholders Group, is a national forum to consult the national market on the developments in financial market infrastructures for payments. As such the AMI-Pay BENSG constitutes the official link to the Advisory Group on Market Infrastructures for Payments (AMI-Pay), the forum of the Eurosystem.


An important aim of the Eurosystem is to foster the further integration of financial markets in Europe by providing integrated financial market infrastructures for payments. In this context, the Eurosystem wishes to engage in discussions with market stakeholders. Therefore the Advisory Group on Market Infrastructures for Payments (referred to as AMI-Pay) was established on a European level. This AMI-Pay is responsible for an active dialogue with market participants and advising the Eurosystem on payment-related matters.

In order to involve the national markets more closely in developments, the Eurosystem has mandated the national central banks to establish a national forum. This national forum was named the AMI-Pay Belgian National Stakeholder Group (AMI-Pay BENSG). As the Belgian assembly on payment market infrastructures the AMI-Pay BENSG incorporated the TARGET National User Group.

Acting as the formal liaison between the Belgian market and the AMI-Pay, the AMI-Pay BENSG represents the interests of the Belgian market regarding payment market infrastructures managed by the Eurosystem. The AMI-Pay BENSG shall not only provide input on inquiries from the AMI-Pay regarding change requests and other developments, but can also proactively suggest issues for AMI-Pay consideration.

The AMI-Pay BENSG is composed of representatives of various Belgian banks, operators of financial market infrastructures, Febelfin vzw/asbl and the National Bank of Belgium. The forum shall assemble on a regular basis chaired by the NBB. The Secretary shall also be provided by the NBB.


The AMI-Pay BENSG shall meet in the premises of the NBB on a regular basis, aligned to the agenda of the AMI-Pay meetings. If necessitated by the subject, the AMI-Pay BENSG may decide to organize meetings or workshops in an extended composition. Meeting agendas, minutes and presentations shall be published here.