Exchanging euro coins for euro notes and coins

At the National Bank's counters (bd de Berlaimont 3, 1000 Brussels) you can exchange your euro coins free of charge for banknotes and coins. The conditions are set out below.

Standard exchange
Volume   1 x per calendar month max. 5 kg
Charges  Free
Payment  In cash (transfer is not possible)
Immediately at the counter  
N.B. The coins must be presented loose (not packaged). You do not need to sort the coins. Special rules apply to  damaged coins.
Exchange subject to charges
Volume More than 5 kg or more than once a month
Charges 2% of the transaction
Payment At the counter after 10 working days.
In cash (transfer is not possible)
N.B. Maximum 10 kg per bag
Some institutions are exempt from the charges. See conditions below.


Exemption from charges
Who?  Institutions entitled to receive tax deductible donations
How to apply

Apply in advance to the Central Cash Office (for details, see below).