Exchange of damaged euro banknotes or coins

As a service to the general public, the Bank exchanges at its counters (Brussels, Liège, Kortrijk) or by post - free of charge - damaged euro banknotes, provided a number of conditions are met.

Damaged banknotes

Dispatch by post is limited to € 3 000 per person per month with an annual limit (per calendar year) of € 10 000. If sent by mail, the money must be accompanied by a currency exchange form, duly completed and signed, as well as a copy of the applicant’s/actual beneficiary’s identity card and a bank statement in the name of the actual beneficiary.

Damaged 10 euro

For banknotes, these conditions can be summarised as follows: damaged banknotes shall only be exchanged:

  • if more than half of their surface is presented
  • and if it is apparent that the damage has occurred involuntarily

In the case of currency exchange at the NBB4s counters, the exchange can take place at once against cash, if the cashier can easily verify compliance with both basic criteria and on condition that the monthly limit of 3 000 EUR worth of exchanged euro banknotes is not exceeded. However, for all amounts equal to or more than € 3 000, a form Exchange of euro banknotes and Belgian banknotes for natural persons - Declaration of the origin of the funds has to be filled up beforehand.

If compliance cannot be verified, exchange of the full amount shall be made in deferred inspection, in accordance with the procedures in force, and the Bank will ask you to come to the counters for settlement of any exchange value.

For the precise criteria, please refer to the ECB Decision of 19 April 2013.


Damaged euro coins


On behalf of the Treasury, the Bank also exchanges damaged euro coins. Anyone wishing to exchange more than 50 unfit euro coins should fill out a currency exchange form in advance. The exchange may be accepted or rejected by the Treasury. If it is accepted, the coins are then handed in, inspection is deferred and the Bank will ask you to come to the counters for settlement of any exchange value.