Exchange of Belgian banknotes

Banknotes in Belgian francs issued by the National Bank can be exchanged at the National Bank's counters (Brussels, Liège, Kortrijk, Hasselt or by post under the terms and conditions specified below. Coins denominated in Belgian francs can no longer be exchanged.

Dispatch by post is limited to 120 000 BEF per person per month. If sent by mail, the money must be accompanied by a currency exchange form (xlsx - pdf), duly completed and signed, as well as a copy of the applicant’s/actual beneficiary’s identity card and a bank statement in the name of the actual beneficiary.

Belgian banknotes

There is no time limit by which banknotes issued by the National Bank since 1944 need to be exchanged. This also applies to certain banknotes of more than 100 francs denominated jointly in francs and belga, and to some rare banknotes issued prior to 1944.
Belgian 20-franc and 50-franc banknotes issued by the Treasury cannot be exchanged.

The banknotes can be exchanged at the counters of the National Bank in Brussels, boulevard de Berlaimont 3, or in the regional branches.

Depending upon the case, the Central Cash Office exchanges the banknotes or credits the account of the depositor with the equivalent in euros.

Belgian coins

Coins denominated in Belgian francs and ecu coins can no longer be exchanged.

National cash

Many banknotes or coins denominated in the former national currencies may still be exchanged at the counters of the respective national central banks. The European Central Bank’s website includes the conditions of exchange and relevant addresses.