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Image of euro banknotes

Download banknote images (72 dpi, zipped):

High-resolution banknote images for professional users

The increasing use of personal computers and digital imaging software in counterfeiting banknotes poses a threat to the paper currency. As a response, the Central Bank Counterfeit Deterrence Group, an international group of 27 central banks, has developed the Counterfeit Deterrence System (CDS), which prevents personal computers and digital imaging software from capturing or reproducing the images of protected banknotes.

This system has been implemented voluntarily by several hardware and software producers. This increases the likelihood that legitimate users of banknote images will encounter the CDS in the course of their work.

For users who have a legitimate interest in reproducing euro banknote images, the ECB has produced CDS-disabled digital images (300 dpi; TIFF format and marked "Specimen"), which do not trigger the CDS.

To obtain such images, the user must:
- require the banknote images for professional purposes
- have a personal computer or digital imaging software which includes the CDS
- sign a Confidentiality Declaration

Please send your request for the Confidentiality Declaration form to:

Mr. Vicente Ventura
Directorate Banknotes
Kaiserstrasse 29
D-60311 Frankfurt am Main