I am a private individual (natural person and legal person) and I have a question about:

- declaring foreign accounts

How do I declare my foreign account(s)?

Via the CPC web application (it’s the easiest way!) or by written declaration.

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What type of foreign accounts do I have to declare?

We advise you to contact the Federal Public Service Finance (FPS Finance) Contact Center which is the competent authority: Contact | FPS Finances (belgium.be)

I do not understand what I have to put in some sections of the “Form for reporting my foreign account” or via the web application.

You will find the answer in the explanatory note compiled by the Federal Public Service Finance (FPS Finance).

There are two different explanatory notes:

to declare a foreign account;
to change a previously declared foreign account.

MORE INFO Standard forms for reporting to the CPC: Standard forms for reporting to the CPC | nbb.be

My foreign bank account does not have an IBAN number. What should I declare in section 3a?

In this case, you may fill in another number -or an e-mail address or a logon ID - through which your financial institution identifies you.

I already have declared my foreign bank accounts and I can’t find them in the web application.

For the time being, the web application does not yet allow you to consult the CPC database to find data you previously reported. This functionality will be available in the near future.      

The web application is solely intended for encoding or bringing changes to already registered foreign accounts.

MORE INFO If you are not sure which information about you is recorded in the CPC, you can consult the database using the following procedures: Consultation by registered persons | nbb.be

I have not (yet) declared my foreign bank account to the CPC. Will I get fined?

We advise you to sort that as soon as possible.

Monitoring compliance with the legislation (and application of any sanctions) is a competence of the Federal Public Service Finance (FPS Finance).

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- declaring Belgian accounts

I have received a letter from my financial institution about declaring my accounts or contracts to the CPC.

This is the usual procedure. All financial institutions are required to declare to the CPC certain information regarding their customers’ financial accounts and contracts. They must inform you about this in writing, or by e-mail or through a bank statement.

MORE INFO You should ask your financial institution.

- consulting data

How can I consult data registered in my name in the CPC?

Anyone can request an overview of their own data in the Central Point of Contact for accounts and financial contracts (CPC) database, free of charge.

MORE INFO Consultation by registered persons | nbb

May I get information from a third party (parents, children, divorced spouse, deceased family member)?

In principle, no. You can only consult your own data in the CPC. There are nevertheless a few specific situations that allow you to access a third party’s data. This is the case, for instance, if you are the administrator of the protected person.

Should you want to consult the accounts of a deceased person for the purposes of a declaration of succession, you should contact a solicitor.

MORE INFO Consultation by registered persons | nbb

I have another question

You will certainly find the answer on the CPC website:  Central Point of Contact for accounts and financial contracts (CPC) | nbb.be

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