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Circular NBB_2017_21 / Loans, credits and guarantees to managers, shareholders and related persons

GUIDELINE (EU) 2017/2335 OF THE EUROPEAN CENTRAL BANK of 23 November 2017 on the procedures for the collection of granular credit and credit risk data (ECB/2017/38)PDF

Circular NBB_2017_23 / Circular to financial institutions on acquisitions, increases, reductions and transfers of qualifying holdings

Communication NBB_2017_22 / Communication to candidate shareholders and assigning shareholders

Circulaire_NBB_2017_30 / Regulation (EU) 2015/534 on reporting of supervisory financial information as amended by Regulation (EU) 2017/1538 of the European Central Bank of 25 August 2017 (ECB/2017/25)

Circulaire NBB_2017_25 / Orientations relatives à la publication d'informations (Pilier III, CRD IV)

Circular NBB_2015_07 / Legal Entity Identifier (LEI)

Circulaire NBB_2016_40 / Rapports périodiques à transmettre via eCorporate - secteur de l'assurance et de la réassurance

Circulaire NBB_2016_39 / Dispense de l’obligation de doter les provisions complémentaires

Circulaire PPB-2007-6-CPB-CPA / Attentes prudentielles de la CBFA en matière de bonne gouvernance des établissements financiers