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Communication NBB_2019_05 / Insurance and reinsurance- Submission of figures relating to the rémunération of Identified Staff through OneGate

Circular NBB_2016_44 / EBA Guidelines of 27 June 2016 on sound remuneration policies (EBA/GL/2015/22)

Circular NBB_2019_03 / Periodic questionnaire on combating money laundering and terrorist financing

Circulaire NBB_2019_01 /Adaptation de certains tableaux complémentaires du Schéma A Livre I dans l’éventualité d’une sortie du Royaume-Uni de l'Union européenne

Communication NBB_2011_05 / The NBB's prudential expectations on sound management of operational risk

Circulaire NBB_2014_09 / EBA Guidelines of 16 July 2014 on the remuneration benchmarking exercise (EBA/GL/2014/08)

Circular NBB_2014_08 / EBA Guidelines of 16 July 2014 on the Data Collection Exercise Regarding High Earners (EBA/GL/2014/07)

Communication CBFA_2009_22/ Derogation policies for audit committees

Circular CBFA_2009_17/ Financial services via the Internet: Prudential requirements

Circular NBB_2018_31 / Circular on the periodic reporting scheme for payment institutions