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Circular NBB_2018_28 / EBA guidelines of 26 September 2017 on internal governance (EBA/GL/2017/11)

SSM Guide to fit and proper assessmentsPDF

Communication NBB_2017_17 / Communication on the procedures to obtain an authorisation as an insurance or reinsurance company governed by Belgian law and to obtain an extension of an authorisation

Memorandum on application for authorisation by an insurance or reinsurance company under Belgian law

Communication NBB_2018_23 / Insurance and reinsurance - Update of the Overarching Governance System Circular

Circular NBB_2016_31 - Expectations of the National Bank of Belgium regarding the governance system for the insurance and reinsurance sector

Communication NBB_2019_22 / Secteur de l'assurance et de la réassurance – rapports périodiques à transmettre via la plateforme eCorporate à partir de 2020

Communication NBB_2018_19 / Demande d’agrément des examens en vue de l’exercice de la fonction de compliance

Circulaire NBB_2019_24 / Reinsurers governed by the law of a U.S. StatePDF

Circulaire NBB_2018_15/ Circulaire – ABE critères déterminant le montant minimal responsabilité civile