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Communication NBB_2018_09 / Guiding Principles Simplified Obligations Recovery PlansPDF

Communication NBB_2018_10 / Recovery Plans - Guidelines for credit institutions

Memorandum on the procurement of an authorisation by a credit institution governed by Belgian law

Circular NBB_2018_08 / Circular on the procedure to be followed in the case of transfers of portfolios of insurance or reinsurance contracts

Circular NBB_2012_14 / Compliance functionPDF

Circular NBB_2017_21 / Loans, credits and guarantees to managers, shareholders and related persons

Circulaire NBB_2018_06 / Orientations relatives à la publication du ratio de couverture des besoins de liquidité

Circular NBB_2017_23 / Circular to financial institutions on acquisitions, increases, reductions and transfers of qualifying holdings

Communication NBB_2017_22 / Communication to candidate shareholders and assigning shareholders

Communication NBB_2017_32/ Communication concernant les résultats de l'analyse horizontale des coûts utilisés dans la valorisation des provisions techniques