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Communication NBB_2012_11/ Prudential expectations regarding cloud computing

Circular NBB_2018_25 / Suitability of directors, members of the management committee, responsible persons of independent control functions and senior managers of financial institutions

Communication CBFA_2009_22/ Derogation policies for audit committees

Communication NBB_2018_05 / Report of the management body on assessment of the compliance function

Circular CBFA_2009_17/ Financial services via the Internet: Prudential requirements

Communication NBB_2018_19 / Demande d’agrément des examens en vue de l’exercice de la fonction de compliance

Circular NBB_2017_27/ Circular on the Bank's expectations as regards quality of reported prudential and financial data

Circular NBB_2015_21 / Circular concerning the internal control system and the internal audit function

Circular NBB_2017_16 / Intragroup derivative transactions exemption procedure from the clearing

Circular NBB_2013_15 / Circular concerning inspections