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Circular NBB_2017_16 / Intragroup derivative transactions exemption procedure from the clearing and/or collateral exchanges obligations

Communication NBB_2017_18 / Communication on the procedures to be followed by insurance or reinsurance companies governed by Belgian law that wish to take up an insurance or reinsurance activity abroad

Communication NBB_2017_17 / Communication on the procedures to obtain an authorisation as an insurance or reinsurance company governed by Belgian law and to obtain an extension of an authorisation

Memorandum on application for authorisation by an insurance or reinsurance company under Belgian law

Circular NBB_2017_27/ Circular on the Bank's expectations as regards quality of reported prudential and financial data

Circular NBB_2017_20 / Duty of cooperation of accredited statutory auditors

Communication NBB_2017_32/ Communication concernant les résultats de l'analyse horizontale des coûts utilisés dans la valorisation des provisions techniques

Circular NBB_2017_21 / Loans, credits and guarantees to managers, shareholders and related persons

Circular NBB_2017_15 / Reporting on inherent risks related to money laundering and the financing of terrorism to which financial institutions are exposed

Circulaire NBB_2017_28 / Circulaire du Collège de résolution de la Banque nationale de Belgique relative au calcul et à la collecte des contributions au Fonds de résolution