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Circular PPB 2005/2 / Sound management practices aimed at ensuring the business continuity of financial institutions

Memorandum on the procurement of an authorisation by a credit institution governed by Belgian law

PPB/D.256 / Les saines pratiques de gestion visant à assurer la continuité des activités des institutions financières

Mise en oeuvre de "Bâle 2"

Application dossier about the internal rating system for the measurement of the credit risk

Application dossier about the measurement of the operational risk

Circulaire PPB 2005/6/ Adaptation des règlements relatifs aux fonds propres

Circulaire PPB 2005/8/ Adaptation des tableaux relatifs aux fonds propres

Memorandum on application for authorisation as a stockbroking firm under Belgian law

Reporting des sociétés de bourse: tableau 10.90 (grands risques) et reporting annuel